Block temporary email addresses

Disposable email address services are mostly used for spamming, fake registration, free trial abuse, etc.

IsTempMail provides a reliable, real-time API to check disposable email addresses, so you can block them all.

Get FREE API token Add to WordPress

Simple API request with JSON response

We have a WordPress plugin, PHP library, and a NodeJS package.

Get rid of fake emails

New disposable email services keep popping up, and we keep blocking them.

Plans and pricing

Fixed monthly pricing for peace of mind.
Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time.



  • 5,000 API requests in 30 days



  • 15,000 API requests in 30 days



  • 50,000 API requests in 30 days



  • Unlimited API requests

You will get a free trial with no credit card required. See how our billing works.

About IsTempMail

IsTempMail was a side project for stopping fake registration at SetCronJob. It became so effective that we made it a stand-alone service for public use.

IsTempMail is operated by Gregor Nobis.